Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Song Would You Choose?

Today in a post to the geeeeeZ! blog, titled "Name that Tune!", an interesting question was asked.

” So, if you weren't American, listening to what song would make you wish that you were? A song that makes you think of America right away. Not necessarily overtly patriotic, but something you'd consider part of the American heritage.

What song is immediately identifies with America for YOU? Any suggestions?

The obvious traditional patriotic songs like “The Star Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful” immediately came to mind. But I really didn't think that songs like that were exactly what was being looked for. So I considered other less traditional songs and the choice seemed to be a fairly simple one. I posted my answer to the comments section, and while doing so decided that I would share my choice with my readers as well.

So if I were not already blessed to have been born an American what song would make me wish that you were? I decided that it would probably be...


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  1. For me, it's "America The Beautiful" ... it recognizes God in lyrics that paint a truly beautiful picture of our home, which God had shed His grace upon. The Star Spangled Banner is nice, but it is impossible to sing properly, yet it contains the idea that our freedoms came at a huge price, what with bombs bursting and rockets glaring ... it is very descriptive of what made us Americans. Both of these would make me want to become an American if I was not so blessed to begin with. I guess that sounds kinda plain but it works for me.

    Neil Diamond is a genius. His song hits the heart squarely. Makes one want to come here, and makes we who live here want to embrace those make the journey to our shores. "Coming To America" would be one of my top choices.

  2. John Wayne did an inspirational piece called America, Why I Love Her. I can't help but stop and be thankful when I hear it.

    Try this link:America - Why I Love Her


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