Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few comments about last night's speech

As I expected, B.O’s teleprompter reading last night was nothing new.

It was filled with the usual double talk that he has been spoon feeding, to those foolish enough to swallow it, from the beginning.

He tried to give an air of legitimacy to the speech, and turn it into another photo-op by giving it from a podium at West Point rather than from the White House, which would be the normal place from which to make an announcement regarding a change in, or execution of war policy.

Instead filling the American people with confidence and enthusiasm, it seems that all he managed to do was put a number of the cadets to sleep.

He demonstrated that he quite simply does not understand that war is not, and cannot, be fought according to a rigidly timed schedule.

He told our enemies that they only need to hold on for eighteen more months, and then he will allow them a free hand to do whatever they want to the rest of the world.

He told our enemies that they should continue to hide and base their operations amongst the so called innocent civilians. And that they can be sure that the brave young men and women who serve in our military will not be allowed to take any steps to defeat or eliminate anyone who is or might trying to kill our troops, if those steps would present any danger to people in areas where the residents are allowing the islamo-fascist to hide amongst them.

Lastly, and perhaps most sadly, he confirmed what most of us already knew. That he is incapable of understanding that the only exit strategy that will work in any war; is one that insures the every last enemy leader, provocateur, combatant, sympathizer, etc. is either dead, permanently imprisoned, or otherwise rendered impotent.

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  1. Amid the huge amount of buyers remorse over the Obama election, Obama himself doesn't seem remotely interested in recovering his image. This is far worse than the Carter years. We got our Iran hostages back. We'll get our "SURGE" soldiers back, too, but a commitment to actually winning over there would make a huge difference in how many of those soldiers come back in a box. Obama either has no clue or has no care. In either case, his problem will place our troops in unnecessary danger.


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