Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chavev Proclaims the Communist's Goal for COP15

If you still think that COP15, the U.N. Conference on Climate Change, is about saving the planet from human caused global warming, then watch the video at the bottom of this post. Note the applause that communist dictator Hugo Chavez gets as he invokes Karl Marx, and describes capitalism as a terrible ghost.

“We could say that there’s a ghost lurking. And Karl Marx said, a ghost running through the streets of Copenhagen, and I think that ghost is silent, somewhere in this room, amongst us, coming through the corridors underneath… and that ghost is a terrible ghost, nobody wants to name him or her. Capitalism... capitalism is that ghost. Nobody I don’t thinks wants to name it. Capitalism” (Hugo Cavez)

The simple truth is that Anthropogenic (human caused) climate change has been exposed (to anyone with a mind) as a complete and utter fraud. So why would anyone want to foist such a fraud upon the people of the world? The answer is to enable and ease the creation of a communist world government.

The communist were unable conquer the world militarily, due in no small measure to the courage and determination of those Americans whose love of freedom was greater than their fear of nuclear annihilation. It was these people who insisted, and made sure, that the military strength of the United States of America was second to none.

The communist could not conquer the world economically, due again in large part to those Americans who love Freedom, and in who's hearts and minds the wealth producing spirit of free enterprise (the free trade of good and services) and capitalism lives and thrive.

(Yes, yes, I know. Our free enterprise traditions have been whittled away over the last many years. Even more so in the short time that B.O. has been in office. It is thus far less free than it once was. But our system has generally been far freer than any communist system.)

So the communist, along with their socialist coconspirators (see note) had to take a different approach to taking over the world. They realized that their future was in, and thus they joined the environmentalist movement. Once firmly entrenched in that movement, they needed a weapon to use; hence the threat of global warming was born. That is why COP15 is not what it is portrayed as being.

It is in fact a blind, created out of whole cloth, by socialist leaning scientist, to hide the efforts of those who intend to rob Freedom loving people, of their GOD given Right to invest their time, creativity, efforts and money, to earn a living, obtain wealth, improve their standard of living, secure their financial future, and leave something to their posterity.

The global warming threat is in fact a weapon that was invented and manufactured to be wielded by communist wolves, disguised in the fleece of environmental concern. It is being used to bludgeon the Free nations of the world, especially the United States of America, into submission. The intent is to force all sovereignty to be surrendered to a global regulatory body (I.E. One World Government) under Marxist control.

Like every other effort the communist have made, this one too must be defeated. And it appears that once again, it will have be in no small part up those Americans, whose love of freedom is greater than their fear, to save the world from communist domination.

I would like to thank blogger Bungalow Bill for posting the video clip below to his blog this morning, or I might not have seen it, and thus would not have been able to share it here as well.

Конференция климата Hugo Chavez Climate change save 2010 (24/30)

Note: Socialist are really nothing more than communist who hide their guns until they can get yours away from you.

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  1. The writing is clearly on the wall with this speech.


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