Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Tolerance and Peaceful Left?

Aaaahhh yes, the wonderful left, with its claim of tolerance of those who are different, and its claim of wanting peace, not war, demonstrating once again that in fact they are willing to violently cave you head in to shut you up if you disagree with them.

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  1. Liberals have NOTHING. They AREN'T peaceful and they do NOT have a benign agenda. Whoever decided to give leftwigs the label of "tolerant" has erred. We've seen the tools of the left for almost 70 years in this country. Some of the most violent unrest this country has ever seen happened on behalf of the leftists. The stuff that has them "head bashing mad" now is that we the people are showing clearly that one can't simply vote his way into the public trough. Somebody has to pay in, and unfortunately for the liberals, those people who pay, also vote.


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