Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Holocaust - Never Again

I am not particularly fond of Rap music. But this is one piece that I can listen to over and over. As a God Fearing Bible believeing Christian, I stand with Israel and support them in whatever they believe they must do to insure that they will NEVER AGAIN face the likes of the holocaust.

GOD bless the children of Israel, to whom were committed the oracles of GOD, and through whom GOD has given us his only begotten Son.


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  1. Very good post, sir.

    Without the Jews, we couldn't exist. I really think people like Ahmadenijad should re-evaluate their agenda. The Jewish state occupies a small corner of the planet, and they (the Jews) WILL NOT abandon their place in the world now. After what the Jews have been through in their existence, Ahmadenijad represents some pretty small potatoes relatively. He ought to be shutting up.


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