Monday, December 7, 2009

A Must Share Poem

I want to thank the Anti-Mullah blog for posting the following link:

It will take you to a poem which was posted at the Terror News blog.

Please read it and pass it on to everyone you can.

GOD bless Amreica's best and brightest, the brave men and women, who have freely chosen to set their own desires and way of life aside for a time, to serve in our military, and to lay their lives on the line to protect our GOD given Constitutionally reconized Rights, Freedom and seurity.

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  1. Yeah, what Matt said!!!

    And I'd like to cross-link if I may.

    Wonderful poem ... left something in my eyes

    Take care and God bless


  2. > "And I'd like to cross-link if I may"

    Please feel free


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