Friday, December 18, 2009

Even Robots Love Christmas

Back when I was a young boy I saw a movie titled "Tobor the Great". It is not the greatest robot movie ever made, but it is the one that caused me to fall in love with robots. I had seen other movie robots, but I had never seen a robot that looked as cool as Tobor. Typically movie robots tended to look like waterheaters with arms and legs. I am sure that someone is going to want to ask me "What about Robbie from "The Forbidden Planet". Well I did not see Robbie until a couple of years later. HI ad seen Robbie first, he might well have had the same effect on me that Tobor did.

Anyway, because of Tobor, I did fall in love with robots and have been fascinated by then ever since. I have designed and built several small robots and robot related circuits, and written a few articles and how-to's as well over the years. I have also collected a few toy robots, and a large number of the DVDs that I own have robots in them.

The reason I have bored you with all of this is so that you might have at least a small idea of why on Earth I would want to share the following video with you.


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