Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A response to

I recieve the following email on tuesday:

From: President Barack Obama
Tue, December 8, 2009 2:46:52 PM
Subject: We will not back down

As we head into the final stretch on health reform, big insurance company lobbyists and their partisan allies hope that their relentless attacks and millions of dollars can intimidate us into accepting the status quo.

So I have a message for them, from all of us: Not this time. We have come too far. We will not turn back. We will not back down.

But do not doubt -- the opponents of reform will not rest. So I need you to fight alongside me.

We must continue to build out our campaign -- to spread the facts on the air and on the ground, and to bring in more volunteers and train them to join the fight. I urgently need your help to keep this 50-state movement for reform going strong.

Please donate $5 or whatever you can afford today:

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Let's win this together,

President Barack Obama

I sent the following reply in response:

In an email sent by: President Barack Obama
on Tue, December 8, 2009 2:46:52 PM, you wrote:

> "We will not turn back. We will not back down."

For the sake of you political career, for the sake of how you will be remembered by history, I would advise that you turn back now, and that you back down immediately. That is, unless you actually want to be remembered as the one who tried and failed to destroyed the very icon of Freedom, The United States of America, and the one who tried and failed to enslaved the citizens of this nation to its government.

"We the People" have made it abundantly clear that we do not want you, the socialist liberal elitists, to stick your noses into our personal medical decisions. Nor do we want you putting your corrupt fingers on the best medical system in the world. “We the People” will not sit back and let you get away with this takeover of our lives this way.

You incompetent fools cannot even protect a top secret security manual for our nation's airports. In fact you actually are foolish enough to post it online.

It takes you months to decide whether or not to give our troops the increase in number that everyone with a brain knew that they needed.

Meanwhile you tie the hands of our brave young fighting men so that they cannot do the job they need to do because some so called "innocent civilians" might be hurt or killed. Guess what? Most of those so called "innocent civilians" are willingly giving aid and cover to the very islamo-fascist bastards that are torturing and killing our troops and the truly innocent.

You have demonstrated that you cannot handle producing and distributing a vaccine for a "killer flu" that you knew was needed over a year ago.

And you actually think that I and my fellow GOD fearing, Freedom loving Americans are going to be stupid enough to sit back and allow you to take over and make decisions about our medical care.

It is “We the People” who will not back down. “We the People” will fight you at every turn, until you and all your socialist henchmen are forced to turn back!

Oh… And while I have your attention, I want to say to hell with your political correctness. The proper greeting this time of year is NOT happy holidays, it is NOT happy winter whatever.

The proper greeting in this overwhelmingly Christian nation is…

In addition to my reply, I also sent a copy of this response to the White House using the website contact page.

I seriously dout that anyone, let aolne B.O. himself, will ever read my comments. But hey, I feel better. 8^)

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  1. Well said. Of course, expect a huge amount of hits from government web sites!

  2. Ready, willing, waiting and looking forward to it.
    In fact I hope the obamanites appear at my door so I can tell them to their faces exactly what I think.

  3. I usually send smart alec comments back too. Do you think they even read them? I figure they get deleted in an e-mail filter.


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