Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Torture? What Torture?

I have to say that I simply cannot understand the mindset of left-wingers. How can these duped and misguided souls who cling to and promulgate ideas and concepts that are at best, self-destructive, and generally destructive to everything and everyone they touch.

The following is derived (edited for clarity) from an online discussion in which I was compelled to respond to the naive and self-destructive views of a liberal who, for some unfathomable reason, was trying condemn something that quite simply is not wrong. That being the treatment of the islamo-fascist being held in Guantanamo Bay. As is typically the case with liberals, she was regurgitating the oft heard claims of torture and inhuman treatment of those being held and interrogated. How liberals can whine about the so called “inhumane treatment” of vicious, murdering islamo-fascists, and ignore the real threat, that those being held represent, is quite frankly beyond my capacity to comprehend. As far as I can see, we are treating the vile terrorist scum better than they deserve, and far better than they have treated their captives, their victims, and their own children.

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I have read the complaints about and descriptions of the so called torture techniques that have been used on the islamo-fascist held in Gitmo, and for the life of me I have been unable to recognize anything listed in those complaints and descriptions that did, or even could have resulted in any kind of real physical harm or injury. And without real physical harm or injury, resulting from the use of the described techniques, there quite simply is no torture.

Have interrogators played mind games with those being interrogated? Yes, but not in any way that rises to the level of torture.

Have some of the techniques resulted in those anti-America, freedom hating, Christian and Jew killing islamo-fascist experiencing shame? YES, absolutely, and they should feel shame and be put to shame.

I know that liberals have tried to criminalize the concept and use of shame. But that is only because they know their own deeds are sinful and evil, and they do not wish to be put to shame for those deeds.

Do the techniques described and used instill fear into the hearts and minds of these deliberate murders of innocent women and children, and enslavers of the weak and defenseless, these satanic beasts who actually do torture their victims, and that for the sheer pleasure of it? YES! And they should be made to fear. In fact they should be made so fearful that they would rather crawl into a whole in the ground and beg it to collapse in upon them, than to continue in their demonically encouraged acts of inhumanity.

Islamo-fascism is nothing more or less than a killer virus. I will not insult even the lowest form of animal by calling its carriers animals. They are themselves a viral infection. They sweeps out and when possible attack and kill those not yet infected by their virus. When a direct attack upon a people or a particular culture is not feasible, they instead begin to infiltrate and infest that culture. In so doing they sicken and weaken that culture and its people from within. They can then use the resources of that once great culture to wreak havoc and destruction upon any and all others who refuse to kowtow and bow to their false god, and those who reject the seizure generate and/or drug-induced hallucination based teachings of some whack job called mohammed.

They claim their false god’s blessings as they commit evil acts of real torture, as they commit murder, as they enslave once free people, and as they continue to commit their indescribably horrible acts of evil upon the rest of the world. And they do this all in obedience to the delusional proclamations of this so called prophet mohammed.

Like I have already said, islamo-fascism is a killer virus. It has no redeeming traits. And like all such virus, we must do whatever it takes to isolate its carriers; we must use any and all tools at our disposal to insure that it is exterminated. Only then can we, for a little while, breathe a sigh of relief, and live in peace. At least until the next threat to freedom loving people rears its ugly head.

Peace, safety and freedom will never be allowed to exist for long in this world. Satan hates us, if for no other reason than the fact that we are created in the image of GOD. When he looks upon us, he sees the image of the One who cast him down out of Heaven. There will unfortunately always be those dupes and minions of the devil, like the islamo-fascist, who will willingly, if not knowingly, do as Satan leads them to do. They will always be there to threaten the peace, safety and freedom of all others. Therefore, until the day that Jesus Christ returns, we must be ever vigilant, and prepared to do whatever it takes to fight and defeat those who serve as the devil’s tools to punish us for being loved by GOD.

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