Monday, November 16, 2009

Does This Idiot Never Learn?

You would think that the outcry that resulted from the first time he bowed to a foreign potentate would have been enough for him to know better than to do it this time. But apparently it was not; as once again B.O. bows to the leader of another nation. For some unfathomable reason, he simply does not understand that AMERICANS DO NOT BOW, our FLAG DOES NOT DIP and our leaders are to show no obeisance to any earthly ruler. To do so is to show distain and disrespect for all those who have, from the foundation of this nation to this very day, given all to insure that “We the People, of the United States" of America will never have to kowtow to any earthly king, emperor or sovereign.

B.O’s bowing once again demonstrates that it is his intention to cast off American exceptionalism, and drag this nation down to, or if possible, below the level of the other nations of the world, that have never been able to accomplish even half of what we have accomplished here in this country.

We the People, the citizens of the greatest nation that GOD has ever rasised up on this Earth, should contact the appeaser and thief, currently taking up space in the oval office, and notify him that Americans bow to no man, and that we have No king but King Jesus.

Obama bows to Japanese Emperor

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  1. Yes, you are right, allowing this piece of excrement to have an unfettered voice on the world stage is treasonous.

  2. He's trying to show how "continental" he is, but he is so inept, he looks like a buffoon. Perhaps his handlers didn't do all the coaching they should have, but I'd say it's more of his trademark "style over substance", with a ridiculous twist -- style-0, substance-0!

    Another stupid leftwig embarrasses the nation. Again.


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