Monday, November 2, 2009

No Respect

It has been a busy few days for me, at least when it comes to debating with liberals. Over the next day or two I will be posting three items (edited for clarity and spelling) that I wrote in response to comments made by a couple of left-wingers.

The following is the first of the three. It resulted from an online discussion about Senator Boxer telling Brigadier General Michael Walsh to call her senator rather than using the appropriate military protocol and calling her Ma’am (See video at bottom of post). A liberal involved in the discussion insisted that as a senator, Boxer deserved more respect, than the general, or some of us involved in the discussion were giving her.

* * * * * *

The fact is that Senator (Ma’am) Boxer, like all the rest of the socialist, one-worlders, will never respect those of us who still prefer to trust our Father GOD for our daily bread and other needs, rather than rely upon our Uncle Sam. They instead choose to insult and belittle those of us who still believe in the sound and GODly principles upon which this Great nation was founded.

They call us astro-turf , when in fact it is they who actually represent an artificial and empty claim of concern for the well-being of this country and its people.

They call us hicks, though we know, understand and respect the founding principles of this great nation, while they at best, demonstrate an ignorance of our Constitution, and at worst, an absolute contempt for it.

They call us racist, despite the facts that, it is they who are always the first to look at and notice the race of an individual, it is they who are always playing the race card, and it is their leader (B.O.) who never uttered a single word of protest during the twenty plus years that he sat under the teaching and guidance of an unrepentant racist, the Marxist Rev. Wright.

They call us terrorist, but it is they who hire union thugs to threaten and beat their opponents when we refuse to submit to their edicts, and it is they who threaten the very concept of freedom of speech and of the press of anyone who dares to point the finger of truth at them.

They call us Nazis, yet it is they who are attempting to replace our free republic with a government controlled fascist state.

They call us cowboys, and complain that we are not willing to sit idly by and just talk nice to our nation’s enemies when they murder our family members, friends and fellow Americans. Well even they have to be right once in a while.

As long as they continue to refuse to respect our Constitution,

As long as they refuse to respect our founding fathers who, guided by GOD’s own hand, gave us the first truly free country in the history of the world,

As long as they refuse to respect us, and treating us like so much insignificant trash, to be swept out of their way,

As long as they continue to think and act as they have been thinking and acting, then there is no good reason why we should treat them with any respect what-so-ever. In fact there is no good reason why we should treat them with anything other than complete and utter contempt.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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