Thursday, November 5, 2009

Compromise Is Good……….For Nothing

Actually, Compromise can be very useful. That is if you are trying to make a business deal, or if you and your spouse want to actually make your marriage work, or if you are having a disagreement with your neighbor about the dog barking. But those are not the kind of topics I set up this blog to write about. This blog is about our GOD given, Constitutionally recognized freedom. It is about the principles upon which that freedom is based. And when it comes to faith and principle, I hold to the statement that Compromise Is Good For Nothing..

Now that might sound like an extremist position to take. It might sound like I am ready to sound a call to battle and that I’m ready to go to war. But then, when it comes to protecting freedom and the firm foundation upon which that freedom is based, I can see no other responsible position for a GOD fearing, freedom loving individual to take. As Barry Goldwater said, in his acceptance speech at the 1964 Republican convention, "I would remind you, that extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice, and let me remind you also, that moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue”.

The simple truth is that GOD fearing, freedom loving Americans cannot afford to compromise our faith, or our principles, in order to come to some kind of an agreement with our opponents. Did I say opponents? Perhaps foes would be a better term. Because that is indeed what they are, our foes. They represent the exact opposite of everything that we know and believe. They are the adversaries of the very truths that we base and build our lives upon. We must not allow the likes of the socialist liberal democrats, and the left leaning Rockefeller blueblood republicans, or any of their ilk, to force us into surrendering one single inch of the ground that we stand upon.

Those of us who hold to the founding principles of this country, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, cannot and will not relent from our resistance to the continued assaults and efforts, by those on the left, to convince us to give in on even the smallest point. We need to respond to their efforts with a resounding NO!! We must and will refuse to surrender even one jot or one tittle of the words and ideas that make up the principles and truths that we hold so dear. To do so, to compromise on even the most miniscule portion, of the seemingly least significant individual component, of what makes us who and what we are, would be to weaken ourselves, and would set a president that would make it all the more likely that we would concede the next time, when a greater, more significant issue of our faith or principles is challenged.

For those of us who still hold to the fact that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, for those of us who still cling to the concepts of truth and faith, for those of us who understand the proper meanings of liberty and justice, there is no middle ground that we can safely share with our foes. We know that if we are to remain free, we cannot succumb to the illusion that there are any shades of grey. There is only black and white. We will either Live Free, Or Die.

Yes, I know and I understand all too well how those on the left are probably going to portray me and the words I have written here.

I know that they will describe me as an extreme fringe right winger.

I am not. I am actually a centrist in the proper sense of the word. That does not mean that I am a moderate. It means that I am neither an anarchist, nor will I submit to a tyranny. (see my post of Friday, October 9, 2009, titled: “In response to Luigi B”) I will admit to being an extremist in the sense that I am an extreme defender of liberty. Not the false liberty espoused by the left, which is the right of anyone on their side to do whatever they damn well please. Rather I am a defender of the GOD given liberty to do that which is right.

I know that they will call me a terrorist (at least in the making), and/or say that I am encouraging violence.

I am not a terrorist. I will however do all that is required to protect the liberty and the rights, which are given to us by GOD, recognized by the Constitution of the United States of America, and which are supposed to be protected, not threatened, by the people we choose to serve in OUR government.

I am not encouraging, nor do I condone any kind of unnecessary or unwarranted violence. I am only stating the fact that I do not now, nor will I ever, surrender the freedom that GOD has given to all Americans. And I am also promising to fight to protect that GOD given freedom. The only people, who could or should possibly consider that promise to be any kind of a threat, are those people who intend to try to rob my family, my friends and I; of our GOD given, Constitutionally recognized rights.

I also know that, as history has made very clear, one day our foes will reach a point of complete frustration. For now they are content to try to deceive us. They are willing to use the stick and carrot approach to tempt the American people into surrendering their liberty, with promises of a nearly carefree utopian future, and assurances of some supposed benefits, to be provided and guaranteed by a benevolent government. But they will ultimately realize that for some of us, Freedom is far more appealing than their promises. And as history also teaches, at that point, if they have the power to do so, it is likely, if not inevitable, that they will then move to subdue or eliminate us by force. And if that day comes while I am still alive, I intend to keep my promise to them.

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