Friday, November 27, 2009

That's Merry Christmas If You Please

Ahhhhh! That was delicious. And now that Thanksgiving is tuck tightly under our belts we have officially entered the winter holiday season. Yes, I know, the department stores already had their displays and shelves filled winter holiday items, well before Halloween was over. But putting that aside, most of us see the day after Thanksgiving as the proper beginning of the winter holiday season.

We can now all look forward to hearing store clerks, delivery persons, politicians and almost everyone else who works directly with the public, greet us with an ever so pleasant “Season’s Greetings!!” or “Happy Holiday!!”

Okay, enough of that politically correct hogwash. The truth is that we are not just entering into a period of various social and cultural celebrations. This is not simply the winter holiday season. It is in fact the Christmas season, the time of year when the western world in general, and especially we here in the United States of America, remember and remind each other that GOD sent HIS SON, to be born in a stable as a human infant, so that HE could walk amongst us, teach us, and give HIS life for us. It is at this time that we enthusiastically and joyfully celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I don’t know about you, but I intend to do as I have always done. I will continue to greet people by at least wishing them a “Very Merry Christmas”, if not a full blown Happy LORD’s Birthday”.

If that offends some people, well that is their problem not mine. I am an American citizen, and when it comes to important issues, I am under no obligation to suppress what I know to be the truth; so as to avoid offending others. Anyone who chooses to take offense at my words will simply have to realize that this is the United States of America.

And that in the United States of America; the over whelming majority of us are (at least in name) Christians.

And that not only can every American citizen believe what he or she chooses to believe, but that every American citizen also have the GOD given, Constitutionally recognized right to freely exercise his or her religion.

And that for Christian Americans that means, in part, that we can and should use our GOD given Constitutionally recognized right of free speech to proclaim the Gospel of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There is absolutely no good reason why we Christians should ever feel obligated to restrain our joy over the celebration of the birth of the KING of kings and LORD of lord.

Nor should we Christian ever submit to liberal pressures to keep our enthusiasm in check, or to squelch our GOD given desire to share the true reason for the Christmas season with anyone and everyone at any time when Spirit of GOD moves us to do so.

Take a stand. Do not let the liberals force you to bow to their politically correct agenda. It can begin with something as simple as refusing to say “Happy Holidays”, and insisting on saying “Merry Christmas”.

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  1. Well said, sir!!

    Enough of the "PC" schtick!! It was, is, and always will be "Christmas" Media and the faithless liberals can take a hike!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for a great post!


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