Friday, November 13, 2009

Children of EIB Respond to Children of WWF

The liberal environmental-cases at the World Wildlife Federation have produced a commercial in which they use their own children (at least that is what they claim) to promote the U.N. Climate Change Conference (scheduled to be held between December 7 and December 18, of 2009 in Copenhagen Denmark) and to encourage B.O. to surrender the sovereignty of the United States of America, and the freedom of its citizens, to what would amount to a "World Wide Environmental Regulatory Commission" to be created at that comference.

Under the guise of saving the Earth from the alleged destructive consequences of human activity, this conference is in reality an effort by other (read looser) member nations of the U.N. to drag the United States of America down to, or below, their own second or third world status.

As he so often does, and does so very well, Rush Limbaugh has produced a wonderful parody of the WWF propaganda piece. Listen and enjoy.

Rush Limbaugh - Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Children of EIB Respond to Children of WWF - 11/12/09

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