Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mommy-state threatens good neighbor

Wow, what a surprise, another example of typical left-wing attitudes and intentions.

A woman was simply being a good neighbor, by allowing a couple of neighborhood kids to wait in her home for the morning school bus. And how is she rewarded for this? She is being threatened by the “Department of Human Resources” with fines and possible jail time unless she gets government permission (I.E. a license to run a daycare) to do so.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9_XUNmcgEQ
And: http://www.wzzm13.com/news/news_story.aspx?storyid=114016&catid=14#

The mommy state is once again reaching out to interfere with, and punish Americans who dare to stand upon their own two feet, and help each other out. How dare these parents find their own solutions to problems? How dare they not turn to and rely upon the government?

Are there really people out there that want this kind of government controls put on their lives and lifestyles? I sure don’t!

It is not the job of government to take care of us. It is not their responsibility to protect us from our families, our friends, our neighbors or ourselves. It is the government’s job to protect us from gang-bangers, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, and other criminals. It is the government’s job to protect us from enemies of the American way of life. It is the government’s job to protect us from satanically insane people who are intent on destroying our Constitutionally recognized and protected rights and freedom. People like the islamo-fascist in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya. People like the mad-men communist dictators like Kim Jong-il (North Korea), Hugo CHAVEZ (Venezuela), Raul Castro (Cuba) and Vladimir Putin (Russia).

* NOTE: If you think communism is dead in Russia,
* or that Putin is not in fact the dictatorial head of the Russian government,
* then do yourself a favor by doing some research to find out the real facts.

Unfortunately, the Appeaser and Thief, currently occupying the White House, his henchmen in congress and all those all the way down the line of office holders and bureaucratic co-conspirators, apparently do not understand the proper role of government. They, aided by the missguided sycophant worshipers of B.O, are advancing the idea that it is the government’s job to be our mommy and daddy. They are convinced that “We the people” are simply not capable of taking care of ourselves, or dealing with our own problems, unless they guide and direct us in making the right(?) decisions.

Therefore they, the leftist elite, must take control over the “needs” of the people. And they, the all wise masters, must take charge of our medical care and, as time passes, providing our food, our shelter and every other perceived “need”. And they, the all knowing guides, need to tell us what type of vehicles we can drive, what kinds of light bulbs we can use, and what foods we can eat. And they, the “blame America first” democrats are the only ones who can determine who are and who really are not our enemies and how do deal with them. And they, the self-superior socialists, are the only ones who should be allowed to decide what decisions “We the people” should be allowed to make for ourselves.

But the truth is that, “We the people” do not need the governmental to be our mommy and daddy. “We the people” do not need the government to tell us what is right or wrong. “We the people” do not need the government to provide us with a place to lay our heads, or to “give us this day our daily bread”. We the people” already have our Father, GOD, to rely on for those things. And unlike the government, our Father, GOD, will never fail us, and will never makes a mistake.

The only things that we need the government for are clearly and simply outlined in the preamble to our Constitution.

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