Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Fear - We Choose To Fight

GOD fearing, freedom loving Americans have no problems with, or fear of, the kind of limited government established by our founding fathers in the “Constitution of the Unites States” as interpreted in accordance with our national charter, the “Declaration of Independence”.

Note: It is not the declaration of dependence, nor is it the declaration of interdependence. It is the “Declaration of Independence”.

INDEPENDENCE is the key word in the title of that document. Just as “the people” are the most important words used in our constitution. Only our faith in, and reliance upon, our Father GOD is more important, to us, than the liberty of the individual citizen, the sovereignty of the individual states, and the power of the citizenry over the state. These are the key principles that have kept us free, and made America the most exceptional and greatest nation in history.

This does not mean that we do not reach out to help each other in times of need. We do. In fact “We the people” of the United States of America are the most generous and helpful people that have ever walked upon the face of the Earth. We do it freely, by our own choice and in our own way, because that is our very nature. We do not need any person, personality, government, or agency thereof, to coerce us into doing so their way. As long as those who serve in our government remember that fact, and keep their place, and remain subservient to the people, then “We the people” will have no serous problem with them

However, GOD fearing, freedom loving Americans always have had, do now have, and will forever continue to have, a problem with the kind of “politically correct”, “blame America first”, “class exploiting”, “mommy state promoters” and socialists that are currently at the reigns of our government.

We see how they view our founding documents with distain, and how they see those documents as stumbling blocks. We hear them say that we are unable to solve our problems by ourselves without their help and intervention. We know that they have decided that we can’t be trusted to take care of, or make the right choices for ourselves, our families and our neighbors. We watch as they seek and try to implement ways of sidestepping our founding documents, as well as the ideas and principles that those documents recognize and protect. We see how they look for ways, and work hard, to cast off those documents, ideas and principles. And that worries us.

No, it is not the limited government created by our founding fathers that “We the people” have a problem with. It is those who have now and in the past, taken charge of that limited government. And who have and are now attempting bury that limited government under a mountain of expansion. Expansion that they can and will then use to reach out and control “We the people”.

But to their dismay, they are finding that “We the people” are not sitting back and quietly allowing them to continue unhindered in their efforts. “We the people” have begun, and will continue, to stand against them at every turn. “We the people” will not meekly accept their elitist distain of the kind of “rugged individualism” and “I Can” attitude that we as Americans respect, admire and rely on. We will not respectfully kowtow and bow to their self superior vision of what this nation should be. We will not permit them to destroy all that we love and hold dear.


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